Education - Early Head Start


Our Early Head Start operates four classrooms for children from eighteen months to three years of age.  These classrooms provide full day care for children, whose parents or guardians are working, attending school, or are in need of respite care.

The focus of our Early Head Start classrooms is to provide a safe, nurturing environment in which children can develop trusting, supportive relationships with their caregivers.  Each classroom serves 8 children with three adults: Lead Teacher, Assistant Teacher, and Teacher's Aide.  The toddler classrooms are set up with many different learning areas for children to explore, interact with materials, peers and adults and begin to learn social skills.  Language development is a focus everyday, as toddlers experiment with words and learn how to communicate their needs.

The Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddler and Two's is implemented in all of our classrooms.  The Creative Curiculum approach to learning focuses on active learning in a child-centered environment. Supportive adults provide a rich environment, and a consistent daily routine which includes structured play time, family style healthy meals, outdoor play, naptime and lots of fun!  Adults observe children as they engage in daily experiences, and use their observations to communicate with parents and together develop individual plans for children.

Parents are very much welcomed and encouraged to volunteer in the classroom.  Teachers meet with parents four times a year to discuss their child's development, make plans for the classroom and for activities at home, and to make plans for their child's transition to Head Start when they turn 3.


  • Early Head Start Coordinator
  • 4 EHS Lead Teachers
  • 4 EHS Assistant Teachers
  • 4 EHS Teacher Aides