On a daily basis the nutrition staff provide nourishing, child appropriate meals at all the centers.  Our food service program must meet the standards of several governing organizations.  Each kitchen receives an annual inspection from the NYS Health Department.  Our menu content and purchasing records are monitored and audited by CACFP (Child and Adult Care Food Program).  Meal time practices and procedures are based on Head Start Performance Standards and Day Care Licensing Regulations.  All of these combined ensure that the children are receiving safe, nutritious food.  We are very proud of our local policy that states we will not serve junk food (empty calorie foods) to children or allow adults to bring it in our buildings.  Our goal is to model the best healthy behavior.

Our kitchens serve from 26 to 110 children depending on the site.  Weekly snacks and monthly cooking activities are provided for the Home-Based program.  The cooks also provide food for many special events including parent meetings, parent classes, Policy Council, Thanksgiving Dinners, and End of Year Celebrations.

Parent engagement and education is encouraged many ways.  Parents are always welcome to volunteer in the kitchens.   Cookshops provide an opportunity for parents to enjoy hands on food prep and conversation about healthy habits as well as sharing tips on feeding preschoolers. Newsletter articles and individual consults offer more specialized assistance.

Community partnerships are vital to providing nutrition services to our families.  We collaborate with WIC, Public Health, Cornell Cooperative Extension, Eat Well Play Hard, Glens Falls Hospital, Social Services, Stewarts, and area food pantries, as well as area physicians.


  • 1 Health and Nutrition Coordinator
  • 7 Cooks - 6 full time, 1 part time