Mental Health

Mental Health

Mental health services are available for both children and parents. Our mental health staff seek to partner together with staff and parents to promote the social and emotional well being of all children in the program. They do this by starting from the "health" side of "mental health." All children in the program are provided with an individualized assessment completed soon after entering our program to identify areas of strength and need both in the home and in the classroom.

Children receive services that are tailored to meet their individual/family needs. Services available might include:

- Additional assessment and observation
- Consultation with parents
- Parent/child interactive sessions
- Home visits
- Individualized classroom strategies
- Play sessions with the child in the classroom/playroom
- Referral and collaboration with outside agencies

The mental health services provided at Head Start/Early Head Start are provided by qualified professionals who are dedicated to serving each individual and family to the best of their ability. They welcome questions about any of the services or assessments performed at any time.


  • 2 Full time Mental Health Counselors
  • 1 Mental Health Consultant