In Head Start/Early Head Start all children participate in the full range of activities that are offered.  This includes children with disabilities. With permission from their guardians, all children in our program will have a developmental screening. The screening results are shared with parents/guardians and staff. Referrals are initiated from screening results or by concerns raised by a parent, guardian, or teachers.

In order for a child to receive related services, such as speech therapy, occupational therapy, special education itinerate teacher (SEIT), or physical therapy, an assessment by an approved evaluator has to take place.

Once it has been determined that a child is eligible, the above related services can be provided in a child's home, classroom, or at another location within the center. Younger children, birth to three, generally have services provided at home; however, it can take place in the center if the child attends one of our Early Head Start classrooms.

Additionally, Head Start/Early Head Start is a supportive environment where adults with disabilities are welcome.


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