Weather/School CLosings


Please remember that snow flying could mean School closings so listen to the radio stations or to the television. Below is a list of both radio and T.V. stations.

The closing can also be found on some of the web pages of the T.V. channels. Look or listen for Washington County Head Start closings.

Radio Stations


WNYT 94.1 WBZA 1410 A.M. WCQX 95.9
WCKM 98.5 WWSC 1450 A.M. 107.1 THE POINT
WNYQ 105.7 WGY 810 A.M WENU 101.7
WFFG 100.3 WMML 1230 A.M. WRVE 99.5
WYFB 95.5 WFLY 92.3 WPYX 106.5
WTRY 98.3 KISS 102.3

T.V. Channels


Channel 6
Channel 10
News 9
Channel 13

Web Pages


Channel 6

(click on school watch, then Washington County)

Channel 13

(click on school closings)